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Livelihood options for the poor and vulnerable have become limited in today’s world especially in the rural areas of Pakistan. Mojaz Support Program focuses on the enhancement of people’s ability to become self-sustainable so that they can generate adequate resources for meeting the requirements of the self and household on a sustainable basis with dignity.

Although agriculture provides livelihood to more than 80%(21% of total GDP and 48% labour force engage in Pakistan as per Agri Department Punjab Pakistan) of Pakistan’s population, it is becoming unsustainable due to a number of reasons because of which marginal and subsistence farmers are becoming more vulnerable. Keeping this in mind, MSP has started various short term and long term projects in poverty stricken areas of the Southern Punjab which aim at improving life of ultra-poor and marginalized communities by providing diverse opportunities that could ensure basic sources of livelihoods.

Livelihood development programmes at Mojaz are designed to help improve the quality of life for marginalized people by providing them with access to livelihood opportunity and protection; thereby giving them hope to constructively contribute to their communities.