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All initiatives of Mojaz are focused on ensuring equal opportunities for poor, vulnerable and marginalized households through improved access and control over human development opportunities. As a strategy, Mojaz concentrates on promoting an accessible network of community organizations at grassroots level, building their capacity so that they are better able to understand their situation and take actions accordingly, ensuring support in terms of financial and non financial services and enhancing linkages to development infrastructure such as market and line departments etc.


Community Hatti

In order to empower communities and make them able to take control of their development, MF has evolved a unique solution/methodology i.e. Community Hatti—a one stop solution for capacity development, input requirement, information requirements, and linkage development of communities. Community Hatti offers the following:

    • Extension Services – Information dissemination
    • Exchange visit to selected best practitioners/ demonstration plots/ business spots/ dairy farms
    • Mentoring and capacity development through training
    • Linkage development with line departments
    • Linking entrepreneurs/ farmer with market to get better price for their produce.
    • Provision of quality inputs
    • Provision of light machinery on sustainable rates
    • Develop mechanism for crop storage facilities