Ms. Gulshan Kaur (Chief Executive Officer)

Executive Director

Gulshan Kaur is the CEO of MOJAZ Support Program since July 2016. Graduated with a Master’s degree in International Relations, She has 13 years of experience in development sector specifically with the last 8 yearsfocusing on poverty reduction through micro and rural financing. She has served as Member of the Board for various profit/non-profit organizations, Chairperson of Board Committee on Risk Management for MOJAZ Foundation and served MOJAZ Foundation as CEO. She has sound practical experience in working as an expert on gender sensitive poverty reduction programs, policy frameworks, and implementing microfinance programs. She also has extensive experience in design, implementation and evaluation of microfinance programs as well as in assisting different non-government organizations and donors in policy development. She has strong skills and experience in microfinance market research leading to the development of client-focused products and cost-effective delivery systems. She has a specific interest in the design of sustainable microfinance models adapted to the financial needs of micro-entrepreneurs, and which are capable of including the poor and remote rural communities. She has analytical, managerial and leadership skills to identify institutional issues and contribute to address them by analyzing with a better understanding of current trends and developing strategies.

Under her supervision, MOJAZ has been honored by “Most Innovative MIFI Award 2015” arranged by Citi-PPAF Micro-Entrepreneurship Award.